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PVC Mats

Chequered Plate Vinyl Floor is designed in an attractive Chequered Plate pattern, made from fire and slip-resistant PVC, Easy to cut, reposition, and clean. Hides cracks and provides a moisture barrier. Reduces noise and the fatigue resulting from standing on a cement floor.

Square Stud PVC Flooring is a low profile square stud PVC flooring. Due to the low profile, easy cleaning is facilitated. This product is suitable for use in light to medium contact enviroment.

Z-Letter PVC Floor is designed to prevent grime from entering room, to reduce work load, to provide safety and slide resistance. Widely used in entrance and exit, hallway, walkway, corridor, kitchen, washroom, workplace, outdoor, elevator

PVC Anti-Slip Matting is a high quality material ensure durability. applied to the decoration and cover of table, ground and walkway in the hotel, gymnasium,meeting room, airport, ships and vehicles.easy to be cleaned.

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