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Our CNC Tool Cutter Grinders are among the most flexible and cost effective CNC machines for standard and form tool manufacturing, regrinding, and parts grinding in the industry.  These CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders allow you to do spiral flute, straight flute, primary & secondary relieves, end & radius, counter-sink relief and step O.D. grinding from a blank, or  regrinding tool with built-in software.  The machine is capable of producing or regrinding a finished tool in one continuing operations.

The best news for CNC tool grinder buyers today is that they are simpler to operate.  The software requires only a page or two of data input for all the basic round-shank fluted cutting tools.  User interfaces have advanced from writing command lines to graphical fill-in-the-blank formats.  Operators can enter operating parameters and tool geometry with less time and trouble. These new processors calculate the paths of the tools and grinding wheels in seconds rather than minutes.  We understand that setup time minimization is particularly critical for regrind shops or in-house cutter grind departments doing small lots of tools.

The other significant development is that the designs of these grinders have incorporated many years of CNC machine building experience.  They have moved away from the lightweight machine designs inherited from manual cutter grinders of the past and have become more rigid and productive for grinding tools at high stock-removal rates.  The use of super abrasives requires machines of this quality and rigidity.

Most of these CNC tool grinders are designed to use wheel packs with two, three, or four wheels to grind most tool types.  This eliminates individual wheel changes but creates some complexity in getting wheels to the tools without interference.  A wheel pack may consist of an OD wheel, a cup wheel, and probably a third wheel. In the end your productivity is our top priority.

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