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5 - Axis CNC Machines

Hebron Partnering with Prompt, Pinnacle and much more high technology CNC Machine manufacturers. The major structure parts are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, tempered for stress relief. The spindle head elevation employs a pneumatic type balance system to minimize the spindle head vibration during moving. The 5-axis synchronized machining saves machining time reduces repetitive workpiece setup and error,while dramatically increasing machining and accuracy.

Pinnacle AX320/ AX450 are proven to be super machines for high efficiency and accuracy. BX series machines by Pinnacle offer the latest and most precise 5-axis technology in the market. Simplify setup and production of complex and multi-sided parts without sacrificing precision and accuracy and saving time.

Optimized 5-axis concepts meet every requirement and prevail in all industries worldwide BX series designed by Pinnacle that are High rigidity structure to provide widest working range. Hi quality Meehanite casting iron, tempered for stress relief and over HB190 hardness to ensure deformation-free performance year and year.

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