Our Services

Our Services

Hebron Ventures Global is unique business center and International business hub located in Fort Wayne Indiana.  The object of this business is to conduct International Import and Export business activities directly with a network of partnering relationship of manufacturers from around the world.  Our clients can get the products or services they want, even if customized, through this hub at the best price and quality available.

We are fully equipped with professionals, engineers, International Business Specialist, National and Private Bankers, Investors, Shipping Industry specialists, and third party quality inspectors like SGS, and LYYODS.  This means we can get the job done right the first time.

Hebron Ventures Global is currently partnering with groups of manufacturing sectors in China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Japan, and Vietnam just to name a few . We are not distributors or dealers.  We are business partners with the manufacturers.  Since we are directly partnering with manufacturers we are able to work out the most beneficial arrangement for our customers.  Our strong business relationships enable us to provide a high level of quality and standard on everything from complete CNC machines to custom manufactured components.

Our Services range from business oriented services to Industrial products.  We service from manufacturing sectors to medical groups providing all of the essential products necessary.  Our rubber products include; Skirt board rubber, Rubber Tiles and Mats for servicing mining, Industrial, Commercial and automotive maintenance shops.  Our industrial products includes a large selection of cutting Tools, all kinds of materials including from steel to PVC, HDPE, UHMW, Construction material, inspection tools and equipments, Mining Tools, industrial Equipments and accessories.  Even when it comes to supplying medical groups, from attire to gloves even dental tools, we have them all.

At Hebron Ventures Global our specialist in International business development ensure those who are interested in doing international business in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, India are successful.  Because of our strong connections we are directly involved in Oil and Gas industry owners globally which enables us to supply any grade and kind of oil and gas through our shipping partners as well.

Our excellent mining business connections link those in North America, Canada, and Asia to those who are successfully mining; Gold, Minerals, Silica, Iron ores etc all over the world.  So if your business is interested in mining business ventures contact us first.

At Hebron Ventures Global our Investment Team is experienced and welcomes those are interested to develop their business by increasing their profit, through interesting in new business, and those who are looking to multiply their investment within the shortest amount of time.

Those are willing to partner with Hebron Ventures are welcome to contact directly our President & Founder Rev. William C.P. Go to the “Contact us” tab for contact information.

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