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Being a leading distributor of garment range we have partnered with the leaders in the apparel industry to deliver to our clients only the best clothes in terms of design and fit. We offer superior services and our local seamstress can make designer outfits as per your specifications. We are pioneers in adding logo, name patches, radio loops, etc for work garments. Some of our noted customization services include attaching emblems and logos, cuff pants, leg zippers, cargo pockets, reflex trim and more.

If you are looking for designer outfit for men, women and kids this is the place to be. We have years of experience in procuring outfits for both sexes and all age groups. With us you have the advantage of ordering any quantity. We have no minimum or maximum order tab. Our customer service team is cordial and offers a friendly service. With us quality of work is guaranteed. We can get any kind of designs printed or embroidered on your garments.

We strive to bring in the best results. Our clients are from various sectors including schools, clubs, businesses, industrial work wear, dance and theatre groups, hospitals, etc. We have built our business foundation over trust and respect. We focus on minimizing customer spending. For us our team is the most valuable asset. We are aware of our cultural diversity and satisfy all types of clients. We are always on the forefront of innovation and believe in proper asset management solutions.

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