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Carbide Rods & Blanks

Hebron Ventures Global is partnering with high quality Carbide Rods & Blanks manufactuers in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India and much more Countries. We are mainly engaged in the business of the services of diamond brand cemented which is designed for North American quality and Standard.

Our Main products are Cemented Carbide Rods for PCB tools, Solid Cemented Carbide Rod Blanks, Cemented Carbide rods with one straight coolant hole, Cemented Carbide Strips, Cemented Carbide Strips with angles, Carbide rods with Helical Coolant Holes, Carbide rods with Chamfer on one end, Grooved Carbide Rods, Shaped Carbide Rods ( un-sintered).

The products are widely used in industries of metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum-chemistry, electronics, textiles and furniture, etc. It can act as an agent for the import and export of metal materials, mineral products, nonferrous metal products (lead, zinc, indium, bismuth, etc.), mechanical and electrical products and their components, and instruments and apparatus. It is also engaged in the import and export of various commodities and undertakes the processing of supplied materials and machining and assembly of supplied parts as per samples, and compensation trade, and counter trade, transit trade and technology transfer. Its business network spreads over more than 70 countries and regions.

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