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International Oil & Gas Projects

Hebron has an extended network of crude oil supplies from reliable sources.  We have procured the right to export crude oil of varied grades. Crude oil supply is the primary focus of our oil and gas projects.  Our experienced staff can work with you on any variety of crude oil.  Because of this variety oil types and production methods we partner with you closely to determine what combination will best meet your specific needs.  We can provide the right crude oil solution for your production.

As a leading supplier of crude our storage facility is world-class. Through our retail network we serve thousands of customers every day. Since we purchase directly from the refineries our costing is highly competitive and meets the bulk needs of our customers. Because our partnerships are with some of the largest suppliers in the world we offer a very quick turnaround time. Our strategic partnerships have empowered us to arrange for secure transactions globally so you can have the confidence your supply will get delivered on time every time.

Another way we partner with our clients is to provide for the ongoing needs of their drilling and refining projects.  We provide replacement parts and equipment including; filters, bearings, rubber products, pipes, fittings, sealing chemicals, motors, electrical components and more.  What set us apart from our competition is our dedication, individual attention, industry knowledge, and accountability.  We believe in great service and quality performance.

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